ASPICE Assessment

ASPICE Assessment

ASPICE Assessment

Automotive SPICE® has its own Process Reference Model (PRM) and Process Assessment Model (PAM). This mandatory method is consulted more and more as an objective process evaluation and for the process improvements resulting from it on the project and organizational level.

The assessment process can be generalized as the following steps:

  • Initiate an assessment (assessment sponsor).
  • Select assessor and assessment team.
  • Plan the assessment, including processes and organizational unit to be assessed (lead assessor and assessment team).
  • Pre-assessment briefing.
  • Data collection.
  • Data validation.
  • Process rating.
  • Reporting the assessment result.

An assessor can collect data on a process by various means, including interviews with persons performing the process, collecting documents and quality records, and collecting statistical process data. The assessor validates this data to ensure it is accurate and completely covers the assessment scope. The assessor assesses this data (using their expert judgment) against a process's base practices and the capability dimension's generic practices in the process rating step. Process rating requires some exercising of expert judgment on the part of the assessor and this is the reason that there are requirements on assessor qualifications and competency. The process rating is then presented as a preliminary finding to the sponsor (and preferably also to the persons assessed) to ensure that they agree that the assessment is accurate. In a few cases, there may be feedback requiring further assessment before a final process rating is made.

Our support:

  • Introduction to Automotive SPICE® and advanced training of intacsTM Certified Provisional and Competent assessors.
  • Consulting support to facilitate process definition, process training, process implementation on selected improvement projects according to Automotive SPICE® requirements.
  • Preparation and execution of assessments starting with gap analysis, intermediate checks, readiness review & formal assessment.


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