Agile Training

Agile & Scrum Training

This is a training course on Agile values and principles and implementation of Agile Framework. The main topics of this Agile training course include defining the Core Agile Artefacts, Holding Sprint Planning meeting, Hosting daily Agile, Iterating the Product backlog, Planning a product delivery road map, Creating and linking user personas.

Target audience

Software Testers, Developers, Team Leads, QA Engineers, QA Managers and Business Analysts

Customers and Clients who are in day-to-day connection with their working team

Professionals from any domain can go for this detailed Agile training

Key Learning Objectives

After completion of this course, you will be able to

  • Understand what is Agile and what is Agile and the need of Agile in the organization
  • Apply Agile principles and core Agile Values
  • Implement Sprint Backlog, Hold the Sprint Planning meeting and Create Product backlog
  • Perform estimation and priorities product backlog
  • Enforce the Agile Process and become an Agile Coach for your team
  • Understand Agile Master responsibilities to the team
  • Establish team working agreements and ensure long-term success of the project by managing and reducing dependencies
  • Learn to adopt best practices for Software Engineering


There are no prerequisites to start this Agile certification training. Anyone working in a Project team in IT industry can learn this course.

General Project management experience can be an added advantage.

Why Agile training

Agile Framework and Agile principles are the most professional and commonly used techniques in every IT company in all Projects.

This Agile training course will help you to provide in-depth knowledge & ensure you can implement Agile methodology in your company.


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